The Best PC Sound Card To Buy In 2017

“Best PC sound card”

Today, a vast majority of motherboards already incorporate integrated sound cards. The sound quality they offer is usually enough for the basic use that most people give to their computers.

Also, let’s face it! Most people do not appreciate any difference in sound quality because not everyone has the ear trained for it. Therefore, it is enough for most users to hear the sound loud and clear to judge it as a good sound.

This article is aimed at other types of users who are more demanding with sound. Mainly, three types of users will take advantage of the best internal sound cards we have selected for them:

1. Players who like to enjoy the immersion ability that the sound of a video game can offer

2. Very demanding audiophiles

3. Movie buffs who want to accompany their viewing experience with good headphones or computer speakers

Another thing is that, as in the examples cited, it is essential to improve the sound of the PC; there, the internal sound cards come into action, and the ones presented in this article commendably execute this work.

The Best Sound Card To Buy In 2017 – Creative Sound Blaster ZXR

“Sound card to buy in 2017”

The Creative Sound Blaster ZxR is the first on the list. This is a real beast, and the best internal sound card you can buy today. This impressive card provides an S/PDIF optical output, speaker output, and a headphone jack. It also has input ports for recording via an optical connector, microphone input, and RCA stereo input.

We simply love the quality of our productions using the new Sound Blaster ZXR

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Perhaps the most striking feature of this card is that it is not only one, but is accompanied by a smaller card called DBPro. This small card is the one that brings the optical input and output, and also provides an analog-digital (ADC) conversion of 123 dB. The good thing is that this second card does not occupy any additional slot on the PC, and connects together with the big sister through a cable that is already included.

In the catalog of technologies that it incorporates is a really imposing sound card in addition to the usual Dolby Digital and DTS. It also includes support for EAX 5.0, CrystalVoice and SBX Pro Studio.

All options and settings of these technologies are made using the Sound Blaster Z series control panel.

However, the greatness of this card lies in its hardware. The SoundCore 3D quad-core audio processor delivers supreme audio quality with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 124 dB. It also integrates a 600-ohm headphone amplifier, making it suitable for connecting high-end audiophile headphones for the perfect enjoyment of music.

Hence, if you’re a music enthusiast, this is the best sound card you can buy for an ultimate experience.

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