Midi Instruments – Can Roland AIRA Collection Be Enough To Make Music Without A Computer?

Unlike yesteryears, producing music without a computer is much easier these days. This aspect of creating music opens new doors to creators who wish to explore and experiment different things. Previously, when artists didn’t want to make use of computers to create their music, they made use of a device called drum machine. This machine had built in sounds that was used by the artists to create and also record beats.

Used By Professionals – SisLovesMe

Sis Loves Me - Step Sisters

Sis Loves Me – Step Sisters


Sis Loves Me is world famous series that deals with taboo fantasy of step sisters having intimate intercourse with their step brothers. With its database of 200 episodes it’s a true go-to place when it comes to this genre of adult entertainment. What’s interesting about that? The usage of using the soundtrack with the equipment and hardware we are writing below.


As the technology evolved, AIRA came into picture. When it first came out, people were sceptical and thought recreate iconic beats and improving them was not possible. However, AIRA is an amalgamation of the old trusted technology along with the modern aspects, making it a powerful machine. This machine is easy to set up and immensely quick. In fact, creators have fun while producing their music on this system.

So, What Exactly Is Roland AIRA?

Now, before we proceed let’s rewind a little. In the year 1972, Roland released Japan’s first synth and in the year 1978 the first Jupiter made its entry. Roland has always been able to provide a futuristic approach to the music scene. Its keyboards and synths play a major role in the contemporary music scene.

Coming back to Roland AIRA, it is not a single product but basically a series of digital tools, which makes use of compound modelling in order to achieve all the classic sounds. The basic system includes a drum machine, which is similar to 808 and 809 (TR-8 Rhythm Performer); a bass synth, which is close to classic TB-303 (TB-3 Touch Baseline); an advanced vocoder (VT-3 Voice Transformer), and finally an advanced keyed synthesiser (System 1: Plug-Out Synthesiser).

Before we talk about each product, it’s important to understand that Roland main aim here is to design tools that are perfect for both production and stage performance. The classic machines that include 303, 808, and 909 were used for stage performance. However, they were designed as studio tools. But, for musicians today, it’s all about producing music in the studio by day and playing it at night. Although computer had become an integral part of their music making, Roland’s idea is to get them out of the box and out of their computers.


That being said, AIRA products will also work with computers, but the highlight of this product is that it can be used as a standalone without a software.

TR-8: Three Classic Drum Machines

First, it’s important to get an idea of the hardware of the machine. The TR-08 is a blend of TR-808 and TR-909. To ensure the classic sounds, Roland makes use of a component-level modelling algorithm. So basically, Roland doesn’t use samples to reverse engineer a digital instrument in order to produce the classic sounds. In fact, it has its own model algorithm, which produces the sound of the drum kits depending on the pattern you have developed. Unlike its older siblings, this system also includes delay and reverb effects.

TB-3: A Bassline Composer

Roland has improvised her and opts for a touchscreen rather than the classic keys. One of the main reasons for this is that the responsive touch pad enables you to play the instrument while simultaneously lay down all the patterns.

VT-3: Vocoder

When it comes to the modern pop music industry, the classic vocoder was its strength. Understanding this, Roland launches this amazing product, which is more than just a vocoder. It’s extremely easy to use and enables perfect voice transformation. All you need to do is plug in the microphone, turn the knob from anywhere between one to nine and let it work its magic.

System-1: An expandable digital synthesizer

This system is a two-oscillator synth, which can handle either monophonic play or up-to four voice polyphony. Also, one of its coolest features include the plug out option where you can switch between the default mod and the one you have on your computer.


Roland AIRA looks like an all-rounder and a sturdy machine. The hardware is designed to be played and the system is seriously appealing. Also, when it comes to the pricing, it’s not too heavy on the wallet comparatively.

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